Preschool Programs

Let nature be your classroom!  Springbrook preschool programs are specially designed to allow preschoolers to explore the natural world in a way that makes sense -- through play.  With a mixture of indoor and outdoor activities, we will help your young learners engage with the world around them in ways that are developmentally appropriate.  We intend to ignite curiosity, encourage wonder, and help young learners make connections in nature. 

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AmphibiansMonarch on Thistle

Frogs! Toads! Salamanders! Learn about these amazing cold-blood critters and the incredible transformation they perform through games, stories, activities, and meeting one our resident amphibians.

Bees and Butterflies

This class is the Bee’s Knees! Did you know bees don’t have knees? You will once you learn about how important Minnesota’s smallest pollinators are.

Cardinal in winterBirds

Birds come in all sorts of different sizes, shapes, and colors! From engineering nests to unique songs and eating habits, let us take you under our wing as we learn what it is to be a bird in Minnesota!

Fall Frolic

The leaves are changing and the air is crisp. Fall is a great time to be in nature. oppossum There are plenty of discoveries to be made outside. Animals and plants are getting ready for winter.


Raise your hand if you’re a mammal. Fur, Check!, Warm, Check! Not hatched from an egg, Check! Learn more about yourself and some of the other mammals that call Minnesota home!

BlandingsTurtleRemarkable Reptiles

How are reptiles different from other animals? Learn about reptiles through games, stories, activities, and more. Students will have the opportunity to visit with a live reptile.


Nature is waking up from winter. There are new leaves, fresh smells, and baby Snowy treesanimals! Let’s explore this season together. Possible topics include migrating animals, flowers, and pollinators.

Winter Wonderland

Brrrr, it’s cold outside! Let’s bundle up and see what’s happening this winter. Learn how animals survive the cold, how our habitats change, and learn how to beat the winter blues with some silly snow activities.