Skating Facilities

The City of Fridley provides 10 general skating rinks and 5 hockey rinks throughout the city.  Unfortunately, the Commons Park Warming House will be closed until further notice due to COVID-19.  All outdoor ice skating rinks are open for use.  Please respect social distancing while using the ice rinks.  Keep an eye on Fridley social media and the city website for updates on when the warming house will reopen.  If you have any further questions please call 763-572-3570.

The City of Fridley attempts to have safe, skateable ice available in mid-December; however, it requires 7 - 10 consecutive days of temperatures below 32 degrees while putting the water down to get a safe 3-4" layer of ice. Please remember that warm conditions, freezing rain and even snow can slow down this process.

Cold Weather Guidelines

As a guideline for outdoor winter activities, we suggest cancelling your activities if the temperature is below 10 degrees Fahrenheit or there is a wind chill of -25 degrees.




Briardale Park 6171 Rice Creek Dr.X
Commons Park 555 - 61st Avenue NEovalX(2)
Flanery Park 1487 Onondaga Street
Hackmann Park 1071 Hackmann CircleX
Hayes Elementary 615 Mississippi StreetXX
Logan Park 155 Logan ParkwayX
Madsen Park 7358 - 73rd AvenueXX
Ruth Circle Park 9160 Ashton AvenueX
Springbrook Park
8155 Broad Avenue NE
Sylvan Hills
6205 Jupiter Dr