Turn Restrictions


The Public Works Director is authorized by City code to prohibit vehicular turning movements at street intersections and other locations where and when such turning movements constitute a serious problem with respect to safe and efficient movement of traffic. Turn restrictions may also be implemented in order to eliminate through traffic in areas appropriate for local traffic only. Turn prohibitions may consist of left turns, right turns, both left and right turns, U-turns, or all turns and may be established during select hours of the day or during all times of the day.


Safe and efficient traffic flow is the primary objective of the City. Sometimes, when intersection or roadway capacity is limited, it is necessary to ban turning movements in order to accomplish that objective. It is also important to minimize inappropriate through traffic in neighborhoods and other local traffic areas. Turn restrictions are an effective tool in achieving that goal.


While most turn restrictions are initiated by City staff, any interested party may initiate a request for a turn restriction by contacting the Public Works Director. City staff will investigate the request and make a determination based on the above guidelines as to whether or not a turn prohibition is warranted. Upon determination of the need for a turn restriction. The City will install appropriate signs consistent with the specifications of the Minnesota Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.