Deaf/Vision Impaired/Handicapped Child Sign


Deaf Child area signs will be installed, upon request from the property owner, on local residential streets with generally 1,000 vehicles per day or less.


Deaf Child signs are warning signs. Prudent and discriminate use of this type of sign is necessary to make it noticeable and effective. Care must be taken not to create a false sense of security for the child or the child's parents. It is important for parents to understand the limitations and disadvantages of these signs; not just their potential benefit.

A Deaf Child Area sign cannot guarantee improvements in traffic safety. It is hoped that the sign would remind the neighborhood motorists that a deaf child may be present. Installation on high volume streets would not produce this desired effect. They should not be used on collector or arterial roadways where they may cause confusion or decreased respect for traffic control signs.


The property owner shall request the signs from the Public Works Director. The following criteria shall apply:

  • The child should not be able to distinguish an automobile horn.
  • The resident desiring the Deaf Child Area signs must be on a local residential roadway with 1,000 average daily traffic or less.
  • The property must be the legal residence of a deaf child.
  • The resident must submit a completed application form.
  • Two signs will be installed on the public boulevard, approximately 150 feet in either direction from the home. The property owner abutting the location of the sign must approve its installation.
  • Signs which are installed will be reviewed annually to make sure that they are still applicable.
  • The cost of the requesting party will be $25.00 for a sign installed on an existing post and $50.00 for a sign installed on a new post.