Parking Information

From November 1 - April 1, it is a violation to park any vehicle on City streets from 2-6 a.m. The City of Fridley does not declare snow emergencies. 

There are no parking garages, odd/even parking or street parking permits with the City. 

Report an On-Street Parking Concern

If you would like to report a parking concern located on a public street or alley, please submit an online form.  

If the vehicle you'd like to report is located on private property, please submit a concern through our CitizenServe system

According to Fridley City Code, Chapter 506.05, from November 1 - April 1 each year, it is a violation to park any vehicle on city streets from 2-6 a.m.

It is also violation to stop, park or leave standing a vehicle in such a manner as to impede the plowing or removal of snow, ice or waste from public streets or highways, regardless of date or time. Violators will be tagged and towed, and subject to storage charges. 

Vehicle Removal

Whenever it shall be found necessary to the proper direction, control, regulation of traffic, plowing and/or the removal of snow, ice or waste, or maintenance or improvement of any highway or street to remove any vehicle standing on a highway or street in the City, then any Police Officer is authorized to provide for the removal of such vehicle and have the same removed to the nearest convenient garage or other place of safety. Any vehicle stopped, parked or left standing on any highway or street in violation of law and removed as provided in this language, may be removed upon order of a Police Officer and the cost of removal and storage of the same charged to the owner of the vehicle as well as the person causing such violation.