Comprehensive Plan

City Hall Actual (002)

Exciting changes are happening in Fridley. These changes include beautiful, new amenities such as Springbrook Nature Center, new market-rate apartments on University Avenue, and the construction of a new Civic Campus. Major changes like these often start with one person having an idea that they bring forth. As others support that idea, plans start, but often it is decades later before all the pieces come into place to bring the project to completion.

While the City is compelled by law to create a Comprehensive Plan every ten years, creating such a plan is often the way some long-term projects get initiated. As City staff, various commissions, and the City Council create a City plan for the next 30 years, many new ideas are explored and these ideas help make the Comprehensive Plan possible.

2040 Plan Comprehensive Plan

The City of Fridley's 2040 Comprehensive Plan was adopted at the City Council meeting on Monday, February 22. 

You can view the full plan (PDF) or select one of the chapter PDFs to read a single section.