Fridley Police Reserve Unit

Fridley_Police_Reserves_2011The Police Reserve Unit consists of people from the City of Fridley and surrounding areas who desire to make their community a better place to live, work and play.

Besides being an active part of the community, becoming a Reserve Officer is an excellent way to obtain law enforcement experience. Volunteering as a Reserve Officer is also a great addition to any resume.

The Fridley Police Reserve Unit on average donates thousands of hours annually to the City of Fridley. In 2016, the Reserve Unit donated 2,104 hours - a monetary value of $45,488!

Interested in becoming a Reserve Officer? Read through the description and requirements, the fill out the interest form below!

What is a Reserve Officer?

A reserve officer's main role is to support the sworn patrol officers in the field. A reserve officer is a non-licensed position, with NO arrest powers. A reserve officer is issued a police uniform, and carries a full duty-belt minus the firearm. A reserve officer drives a marked patrol car complete with police radio, red flashing lights and computer. They are allowed to ride-along with licensed, uniformed Fridley Police officers.

The Reserve Unit is part of the Field Operations Division and is under the direct command of the Patrol Captain and field Sergeants. Within the Reserve unit is a Reserve Lieutenant and 3 Reserve Sergeants that each command a team of Reserve Officers.

Primary Functions of a Reserve Officer

A Reserve Officer's primary functions are to assist the sworn police officers. Some of a Reserve's duties are as follows:

  • Patrol Fridley in a marked police car including all public streets, parks, highways and interstate.
  • Be another set of eyes to spot criminal activity and report it to the licensed officers.
  • Transport prisoners to jail, juvenile detention or detox.
  • Perform house and business checks looking for open/unsecured doors.
  • Patrol identified problem areas.
  • Provide traffic control at accidents or city functions.
  • Provide security at city functions.
  • Assist disabled motorist in need of aid.

Requirements of a Reserve Officer

Reserve Officers are required to attend monthly meetings. Reserves also must be able to volunteer 8 additional hours a month to help with special functions, transport duty or city patrol. Reserves must have a clean criminal and driving history, confirmed by a background check. Reserves must be at least 20 years old and living in Fridley.

Reserve Officers also must complete a 10-week (one night-a-week) training academy offered for all Reserve Officers in Anoka County.

No previous law enforcement experience is necessary, nor do reserves need to be law enforcement students.