K-9 Unit

Roddy and Finn

Officer Tom Roddy and K-9 Finn

K-9 Finn was born in December of 2014 and has been serving the City of Fridley since 2018. K-9 Finn is a German Shepherd who came from the Czech Republic where he was bred and raised specifically for public service. K-9 Finn is partnered with Officer Roddy, who joined Fridley Police in 2007.

K-9 Finn and Officer Roddy participated in an extensive 13-week training program and they graduated June of 2018. K-9 Finn is certified for narcotics detection, human tracking, article searching, and criminal apprehension.

Officer Kyle Lusignan and K-9 Jager

Officer Lusignan has been a licensed police officer since 2001. He joined Fridley Police Department in 2014 and was selected to be a canine handler in early 2017. Jager is a Belgian Milionis/German Shepard crossbreed, born on February 15, 2016, in the Czech Republic.  

Officer Lusignan and Jager completed a three-month long training on June 30, 2017. They trained in obedience, agility, article searching, tracking, criminal apprehension and narcotics detection. Since they completed training, Jager and Officer Lusignan have been on the street working hard to fight crime in Fridley.

Lusignan and Jager