Residential Code Information

Curious to see how your property measures up to some of the most common residential violations? Take a look at the Fridley Property Self-Inspection Guide.

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Code Enforcement

City code is enforced by our Neighborhood Preservation Specialist. Learn more about the Code Enforcement Process

Backyard Composting

Section 113.09

  • Compost must be fully confined within fencing or an enclosed structure no larger than 4 ft high and 250 sq ft in area.
  • Not in front yard. At least 5 ft from side & rear property lines
  • Materials must be regularly mixed.
  • No meat, bones, grease, eggs, dairy products or feces.

Exterior Storage

Section 205.07.06

  • All materials need to be stored inside a building, except for stacked wood which can be stored in the side or rear yard.
  • Boats, trailers & non-motorized campers may be stored in side or rear yard, on or off pavement.
  • Motorized vehicles and motor homes must be parked on a paved area and not closer than 15 ft to curb.

Fences Section 205.04.6.A (6-10)

  • No high than 4 ft in front yard and 7 ft in side and rear yards
  • Must be install entirely on the owner's private property
  • There are special fencing requirements around swimming pools (see Section 115.02.5)

Garbage Storage

Section 113.03-113.06

  • All residential properties must have weekly garbage collection. Solid waste stored outside between collection days must be:
  • Kept in containers with a lid.
  • Placed behind the front yard setback (the area of your front yard from the street to the front-most building edge).
  • Box-style garbage dumpsters must be screened from view from any public right-of-way, public park or residential area in the side or rear yard.
  • Yard waste may only be stored in bags or bundles until the next week's collection.
  • Garbage and recycling containers may only be placed at the curb from 5:00pm the day prior to collection to 9:00pm the day of collection.

Lawn Maintenance

Section 105
Grass/weeds in excess of 10" on average across any property, occupied or vacant, is prohibited. The City can mow and bill the property owner after sending official notification. Nuisance accumulations of brush and rank vegetation are also subject to removal by the City after notification.

Housing Maintenance

Sections 205.07. 205.07, 205.09 and 205.23
Owners of residential property shall maintain the exterior of any building or structure in good repair, providing sufficient covering and protection of structural surfaces against deterioration, including walls, siding, foundations, doors, windows, screens, roofing, eaves, soffits, gutters, and downspouts.

Home Business

Section 205.07.1.B(4) and 205.08.1.B(4)
There are some occupations that can occur in a home without impacting the residential character of the neighborhood - things like music lessons, tax preparation, hair cutting, day care, photography, etc., but for a home business to meet City Code requirements, there can be no indication of the home business outside the home. You also cannot use your garage or a separate shed for activities related to your business or for storage related to a home business. Parking needs of the business cannot exceed more than 2 parking spaces at any given time. Certain types of businesses that bring significant levels of traffic to the home are not allowed. Auto repair and commercial food services are not allowed. Also businesses that require deliveries in excess of three per week are not allowed. No deliveries or pick ups by semi-truck/trailer are permitted. Home occupations are not allowed in multi-family housing units. There are other requirements in the Zoning Code, so be careful to study the code language pertaining to your situation and consider the impacts of a home business before investing in a new venture.


Section 124
Noise limits in residential areas are 60 dBA during the day (7am-9pm) and 50 dBA at night. The operation of outdoor power equipment, except snow removal equipment, is prohibited before 7am on weekdays and 9am on weekends/holidays, and after 9pm any day.

This section of code is commonly enforced by the Public Safety department as most noise disturbances occur outside of business hours. Call 911 or Anoka County Dispatch at 763-427-1212 to file a complaint.

Yard Waste Storage

Section 133

  • Bagged yard waste storage not permitted over the winter.
  • Loose leaves may be used for insulation of planting areas but not bagged material.

Horticultural experts advise against putting plastic bags on top of vegetation for the winter as it encourages mold growth.

Fridley residents can contract with their garbage hauler for yard waste removal service. A list of licensed haulers is on the web site under Utilities. Residents can also self-haul yard waste to the County Bunker Hills Compost Site for a minimal fee to dispose of leaves and tree waste seasonally from April to November. Call 763-767-7964 for current hours and rates.

Vision Safety

Section 205.04.6A(9) On corner lots, you cannot plant or build structures that block view in the corner vision safety zone, which is the triangular area of the corner 40' back from the intersection of the streets between 30" and 7' in height.

Vehicle Parking and Storage

Section 205.07.6B, 114 and 123
All vehicles must be kept on a hard surface (paved) parking area. Vehicles may not be parked continuously on a City street for more than 24 hours without being moved. On-street parking is not permitted overnight from November 1 through April 1 for snow removal purposes.

All vehicles must be currently licensed and street operable if they are stored outside, with proper plates and current tabs. Street operable means no missing part, flat tires. etc. Vehicles that are not currently licensed or operational may be tagged and impounded after a 5-day notice.

Vehicles Displayed For Sale

Section 506.10
All vehicles displayed for sale must be parked on a paved surface and must be registered to the property owner or occupant of the property where the vehicle is displayed.