Pools & Hot Tubs

Private Residential Pools

A building permit is required for all private residential swimming pools that meet or exceed these two requirements:

  • Depth of more than two feet (24 inches) at any point.
  • Volume over 5,000 gallons.


A portable spa that simply plugs in does not require a permit. An electrical permit is required where grounding or additional circuits are installed or altered. A heating permit will also be required for any gas lines to the system.

The pool/hot tub contractor or homeowner may obtain a permit by bringing the Building Inspection Division the spec sheets on the pool, filter and skimmers, a copy of the property survey or a sketch of the lot that shows the proposed location of the swimming pool, the location of all electrical lines, the proposed decking either around the entire pool or at the entry points, and the fencing that will be installed. The building permit fee is based on the value of the pool/hot tub. For further information please contact the Building Inspection Division at (763) 572-3604.

Public Swimming Pools

The Minnesota Department of Health provides plan review and construction inspection for all public pools within the state. No public pool shall be constructed, installed, or materially altered until two sets of complete plans and specifications are submitted and approved by the commissioner. Once a plan is approved, no modifications affecting the safety and sanitation features of the public pool shall be made without prior approval.

The term "Public pool" is defined as any pool, other than a private residential pool, intended to be used collectively by numbers of persons, and operated by any person whether the person be an owner, lessee, operator, or concessionaire, and regardless of whether a fee for use is charged. A public pool includes, but is not limited to, pools operated by a person in a park, school, licensed child care facility, group home, motel, camp, resort, apartment building, club, condominium, hotel, manufactured home park, or political subdivision.

Pool Inspections

The owner of the pool or the owner's agent must notify the commissioner and any local jurisdiction which regulates pool use at the time the pool is complete to permit inspection of the pool and related facilities. The pool must not be placed into public use until the commissioner's inspection shows compliance with Minnesota Rules, parts 4717.0150 to 4717.3975.

Inspections for new pool construction can be scheduled by calling 651-201-4503.

Click on the following link to access the State Health Department's website:

State Health Department