Storage Sheds

Do I need a permit for a shed?

A building permit is required for any shed over 200 square feet in area.


Shed handout

To obtain a building permit, please come to the Building Inspection Division at City Hall, and bring a survey or sketch showing lot size, all existing buildings and their distances from the property lines, the location of the proposed construction, as well as a sketch of building plans.

Rules For Placement of Shed

All storage sheds, no matter what size, must be located at least three feet from the side or rear lot line and off from any easement. There are also special setback requirements near wetlands and bluff lines. Check with the Building Inspection Division at (763) 572-3604 prior to placement of any shed on a corner lot for correct setbacks. All sheds must be securely anchored to a foundation or tied down with anchor ties and the maximum height of a shed is 14 feet to the mean distance between eaves and ridge of a gable, hip or gambrel roof.

Ask Us!

If you have any questions regarding the construction of a storage shed or setback requirements, please contact our Building Inspections Division at 763-572-3604. If you have any questions concerning a Special Use Permit contact our Planning Division at 763-572-3595.