Election Judges

About Being an Election Judge

Election Judges are responsible for the administration of election procedures in each polling location on Election Day. Election Judges help guarantee the rights of voters are protected on Election Day and that the election process is fair and in accordance with our laws.

Election Judges are an integral part of making the election process work smoothly for voters. Election Judges take on multiple roles in each polling location:

  • Head Judge: manages the polling location and all other Election Judges
  • Greeter Judge: directs traffic flow and maintains order
  • Registration Judge: oversees use of poll books (iPads) and oversees the registration process for voters who need to complete their voter registration
  • Ballot Judge: oversees the ballot counter 
  • Additional duties include setting up and closing down the polling location, and certifying the polling location results.

How to Apply

We are updating our application process to our online application system run by Fridley Human Resources. Application will be available soon. Please email elections@fridleymn.gov for more information on the application process.