The Finance Department manages the financial and accounting functions of the city. The department develops and coordinates the city's plan, policies, procedures and objectives pertaining to the city's budget. The department is also responsible for the operation of the city's municipal liquor stores.


Responsible for preparing the city's budget, annual comprehensive financial report (ACFR) and capital investment program (CIP).

It also manages the city's investments and portfolio and is responsible for special assessments, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and utility billing.

Pay your water/sewer bill or to report your water meter reading.

City Clerk

The City Clerk Division is responsible for maintaining the city's official records, the City Code and the City Charter. This division coordinates, organizes and maintains the city's central records system and administers local, state and federal elections.

Assessor's Office

Responsible for establishing the estimated market values and classifications of all property types throughout the City of Fridley. These include residential, commercial, industrial, apartment, exempt and vacant parcels. Along with this building permits issued to property that would add value are reviewed on a yearly basis. If you have any questions pertaining to your market value, property taxes, homestead information and application, please contact Patrick Maghrak at 763-572-3536, or visit the Anoka County Division of Property Records & Taxation.

For commercial, industrial and apartment assessments, please contact Patrick Maghrak at 763-572-3536. For residential assessments, contact Brian Northenscold at 763-572-3537.

If you are looking for information on a property, zoning, property lines, special assessments or other important details, please visit our Property Information and Maps page.

Information Technology

The IT Division designs and maintains enterprise-wide information system solutions for the City. They establish policies and guidelines regarding the use and acquisition of IT resources, and assist staff and council with technical expertise and guidance.

Liquor Stores

Fridley has two liquor stores, both owned by the city. Profits from these stores are poured back into the community and help reduce taxes, improve parks and trails, and purchase public safety items like new squad cars and fire engines. Stop in to our Fridley Market location near Cub and Duluth Trading Co (University Avenue and I-694), or our Fridley Moore Lake location on Central Avenue just north of Moore Lake Shopping Center.