Sign Permits

Sign Permits are required for all new, relocated, modified, or redesigned signs within the City of Fridley. Before a sign may be displayed, the sign erector has to submit an application for Contractor license to the City.

City License Application

There are two different types of signs that require a permit in Fridley - Permanent and Temporary.

Permanent Signs

A permanent sign is constructed of durable materials, including plastic or metal. Permanent signs are durable, easily maintained, and are intended to be used for an indefinite period of time. The application fee for a permanent sign is:

  • $100 for wall signs
  • $200 for free-standing signs
  • $50 to reface an existing sign

Download the permanent sign application.

Temporary Signs

COVID-19 update: If you have a business in Fridley, the City has decided to adjust their temporary sign policy until extended until June 30, 2020.

Typically, businesses are allowed 2 temporary sign permits per year for 14 days at a time and the permit fee is $100.00. Staff has decided to implement a temporary policy that waives the permit fee for temporary signs and does not count towards your yearly signage allowance through June 30. This temporary policy applies to ALL business in Fridley. 

Temporary signs installed during this period still need to meet the City requirements and be placed 10 ft. from the property line. For additional information or questions please contact Stacy Stromberg, Planning Manager at 763-572-3595 or email.

A temporary sign is fabricated of paper, plywood, fabric, or other light, impermanent material intended to be displayed for a short period of time. Examples include: banners, porta-panel signs, and sandwich board signs. Temporary signs may be displayed for a period of 14 days after a permit has been issued. The application fees for a temporary sign is $100, with a $200 deposit.

Download the temporary sign application.

Other Signs

Certain types of signs may be displayed without a permit:

  • Window signs
  • Address signs
  • Bench signs
  • Rummage/Garage Sale signs
  • Personal Expression signs
  • Informational/Directional signs
  • Flags
  • Government/Institutional signs
  • Any sign less than 3 square feet

Sign Code

See Chapter 214 of the City Code for the entire sign code.