Solar Energy

Solar energy can be a cost-effective way to power your home or business while reducing your energy footprint. Check out the following resources to see if your property is a good fit for solar energy, what is required to install a solar system, and what resources are available for interested residents and business owners.

Is My Property Right for Solar?

A variety of resources exist for Fridley residents and business owners to help evaluate the suiSolar panel installation on roof of single-family housetability of solar for their properties:

City Requirements for Solar

Fridley requires a solar permit to be obtained prior to the start of roof-mounted solar installation. Ground mounted systems must additionally receive a Special Use Permit. All permits can be applied for online at

A complete checklist and guide to the solar approval process in Fridley can be found here. 

Financial Resources

MNCEE Residential Solar Financing – Solar financing loans up to $75,000; available for 100% of project costs.

US Department of Energy Solar Tax Incentive – Available 30% federal tax credit for new solar installations and storage systems.

Xcel Solar Rewards – Financial incentives for solar; rewards apply continuously after solar installation.

Offsite Options

If your building isn't a good candidate for solar or if you are currently renting, check out these other options:

Xcel Energy Solar Rewards Community – Financial incentive program for purchasing energy from nearby solar gardens. No on-site installation necessary. 

Xcel Energy Windsource – Switch partially or entirely to renewable wind energy, with 100% wind-powered energy.