Available Properties

From time to time, the Fridley Housing & Redevelopment Authority and the City of Fridley may have properties available for sale. Developable residential properties are offered through the Housing Replacement Program.

Housing Replacement Program Properties

The Fridley Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) created the Housing Replacement Program in 1995 for the purpose of removing older, substandard housing and replacing it with new housing.  The program was re-established by the Minnesota Legislature in 2010. The goals of the program are to: 

  1. Help eliminate blight.
  2. Preserve and expand the City's tax base.
  3. Encourage neighborhood revitalization through re-investment.

All the properties purchased by the HRA for the Housing Replacement Program are acquired on a voluntary basis directly from the owner (either an individual or bank). In some cases, properties are also acquired through tax forfeiture. Once acquired, the structures are demolished and the lots are then sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Download the Program Guide to learn what is required to purchase a lot and build a new home.

Available Properties: July 2022 (PDF)

How to Reserve a Lot

There are two options for reserving a HRA lot through the Housing Replacement Program:

  1. A home builder may reserve a site and then find a buyer.
  2. An individual may reserve a site and then find a builder.

To reserve a lot, you need to fill out a Lot Reservation Agreement (found in the Housing Replacement Program Guide) and pay a reservation fee of $1,000.00. The fee will be applied to the purchase price of the property.  

Overview of Development Process

1. Lot ReservationSubmit form & reservation fee at City Hall during regular business hours
2. Builder/Buyer works on preparing plans, arranging financing and executing a purchase agreement.  Must be submitted to HRA within this time frame.
Up to 60 days
3. HRA staff review of plans and related project documents.
Up to 30 days
4. HRA meeting to review and approve the project.  Builder can submit application and plans to City for building permit.Up to 30 days. The HRA meets regularly on the 1st Thursday of the month to conduct business.
5. Developer and HRA execute development contract.
No later than 30 days after HRA approval
6. Closing. HRA sells lot to builder and conveys title.No later than 60 days after HRA approval
7. ConstructionMaximum of 120 days, weather permitting.