Recodification Project

Pursuant to Minnesota Statute § 415.02 and Fridley City Charter § 1.02, the City Council (Council) may codify and publish ordinances that carry the force and effect of law for the City of Fridley (City), which may be arranged into a system generally referred to as the Fridley City Code (Code).

Recodification is the collection and systematic arrangement of the ordinances of a local government related to specific practices within its jurisdiction. Every ten years the City is required to analyze its Code to address the needs of the City's government, residents, business owners and other stakeholders. The City's current Code may be viewed here.

This page is intended to serve as a collection of information intended to keep the public updated and informed on the City's recodification efforts. 

Project Documents
Resolution No. 2021-67 and accompanying presentation

Please contact the City Clerk's Office with any questions at, or 763-572-3523.