Fridley Wind Up! Renewable Energy Challenge

Challenge Summary

In January- February, 2021, we challenged 50 Fridley households to sign up for Xcel Energy's Windsource program to power their homes with renewable energy. During the challenge 64 households signed up for the program as Renewable Energy Champions! Additional Renewable Energy Champions already participated in Windsource or other Renewable Energy programs and affirmed thier commitment to supporting Renewable Energy, Thank you to our Renewable Energy Champions!

Fridley Renewable Energy Champions

Miriam Monasch
Elna Goodspeed
Justin and Jessi Foell
Andrew Showalter
Joshua Truax
Mary Jo Czaplewski
Dan Rasmussen
Ngawang Dolker
Sara Fillbrandt
Sherrill Spaeth
Suzanne Egan
Deborah Thour
Ronald Prasek
Stan Mraz
Julie and Terry Brown
Benedict Ho
Larry Luck
Rich and Karen Brisbois
Lynn Gritti
Warren Green
Thomas Lach
Chuck Bullock
Amy Dritz
Mark Bechtum
Pam Alderink
Rachel and Matthew Jorgenson
+Anonymous supporters


Subscribe to Windsource®

Choose to source up to 100% of your home’s monthly electricity use from locally produced wind energy with Xcel Energy’s Windsource program. The cost ranges from $1 to $10 per month, depending on subscription amount and your home’s electricity use and is added to your electric bill. Homeowners and renters alike can participate.

Windsource program sign-up