Fridley Photo Contest

2022 Vote for your Favorite

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  • If the photo was taken in a public place, such as a park or on the street, there is no need for a photo release of identifiable people.  However, if the photo was taken in a private location you must provide a Photo Release for each identifiable person in the photograph. *Please make sure you are following social distancing guidelines.
  • Maximum of 2 entries per person; submit only photographs you have taken.
  • No personal identification or photo titles allowed on the front of the photograph.
  • All photographs may be used in displays at City buildings and/or City publications
  • All photo entries become the property of the City of Fridley.

Important Dates

  • Online Voting: December 15-31, 2022
  • Winners Announced: January 5, 2023

Winning photos will be featured in City of Fridley publications, on City of Fridley social media pages and displayed in public places within the city. 

Submit Your Photos

Submit your photos via the online form. Please submit one form for each entry in the contest. 

Judging Guidelines

Initial judging will be made by City employees.  City judges will select the top 3 photos from each category.  The public will then vote for the best in each category along with "Best in Show".  Judging should be based on the following:

  • Picture Quality – Color, clarity, focus
  • Theme appropriateness – Does the photo encompass the theme of the particular category?
  • Clear Center of Interest – Can you immediately identify the subject? When you look at the photo, what is the first thing you see? Do you think the first thing you see is what the photographer had in mind? What holds your eye the longest? Do other elements in the image compete with the subject for attention?
  • Story? Does the photo make a statement that you can articulate? Does the photo elicit an emotion? Could something be changed to give it a stronger story?
  • Creativity – Does the photo disclose more about the subject or show it in unexpected ways? Does the photo relate visual elements in unusual and intriguing ways? Is the photo interesting and fresh?
  • Overall Impression – What does “your gut” say?