Group Education

Would you like to plan a field trip to Springbrook Nature Center? SNC would like to help supplement your science and culture curriculum. Our programs are designed to enhance what you are currently working on in the classroom, as a scout troop, or at home, with fun, hands-on activities.

In addition to booking your program with qualified interpretive naturalists, your students will have access to the Interpretive Center, which houses live animals, interactive exhibits, and wildlife viewing area.

Bringing the natural world to lifeTapping Maple Tree

Springbrook Nature Center programs allow students to learn about the natural world in a hands-on, inquiry based, entertaining way. Our high-quality classes are designed to fit into your classroom curriculum, scout requirement, or homeschool standards. Classes are either 60 minutes long or 120 minutes long and include both indoor and outdoor components. Choose the class that fits best for you!


SNC provides both on-site (at the Nature Center) and off-site (at your school) programs. Programs are specific to ages and location. 

We will need the following information to schedule your group: name, address, phone number, number of participants, program topic, arrival time and special needs/requests.

If you have specific dates in mind, please call early at 763-572-3588.

Onsite Program Pricing & Fees (at SNC)

60-minute program: $5 per person
90-minute program: $7 per person
Half Day Programs (2 classes in succession): $11 per person

Offsite Program Pricing & Fees (at your location)

Large Format Presentation with a max of 90 people: $200 (60-minute program)
Large Format with Live Animal: $225 (60-minute program)
Traveling EE Program (classroom style): onsite pricing and travel fee

Travel Fees

Within Fridley or within 5 miles of SNC: $50
Outside of Fridley or more than 5 miles from SNC: $100

Class Topics

Onsite program topics are listed in three categories. Please take a look and see which class you think is right for you.  If you have questions about specific content, our staff are ready to help you make the right choice!

Science and Natural History Topics

Animal Signs
Students will use detective skills to find out about the secret lives of animals! Learn to recognize the signs that animals leave behind and what they tell us about the critters that left them.

Animal Adaptations
How do animals survive in the wild? Adaptations that’s how! Student will explore some of the adaptations that make Minnesota animals so successful.

Explore the world around you through the eyes of a bird. Discover bird adaptations, senses, the science of flight, bird identification with binoculars, and more!

Recycling happens naturally in wild habitats. Students will explore the many habitats onsite for evidence of living creatures, waste as a resource, and decomposers. This hands-on class is a blast for the curious at heart.

Habitats are essential to life on our planet, but why? Students will learn the components of all habitats before exploring the pond, prairies and forest in search of evidence of plants and animals and how they thrive.

Learn about insect adaptations, ID tricks, and the role of insects in the food chain. We will be collecting live samples as a part of this class.

Pond Study
Explore Springbrook's ponds and wetlands see what secrets await in these cool ecosystems. Any critters found in the wetland will be seen larger than life on our video projection system. Students have the opportunity to look at wetland functions, animals of the wetland, wetland composition, water quality in the wetland, the possibilities are endless!

Reptiles & Amphibians
This class should be called scaly and cool. Recognize the fascinating ways these creatures survive in Minnesota. This class is very hands-on and includes live animals.

Outdoor Skills & Recreation Topics

Archery (4th grade and older)
Available Spring, Summer, and Fall. Students will learn how to use a bow and arrow in a safe and fun way. The class will cover how act at on archery range, proper technique on firing both recurve and compound bows, and include some target practice for practical application.   

Orienteering (4th grade and older)
Using a compass is a great way to conquer your fear of getting lost in the wilderness. Learn about navigation and using a compass to explore and find your way off-trail at Springbrook. Discover the fun of competing on an orienteering course.

Outdoor Survival (4th grade and older)
Lost in the woods?  Don’t stress, survive!  In this class, you will learn what is most important in a survival situation. Students will participate in a hands-on simulation which allows them to learn how to set up and start a survival fire and set up a survival shelter with their group of their survivalist peers.

Snowshoes have been used to make it easier to move around the snow-covered woods for thousands of years.  Isn’t’ it time you learned how to use them?  Explore the history, types, and techniques useful for snowshoeing before heading out into the woods to explore what winter has in store. 
** This class is weather dependent. A base layer of three inches of snow is required to use the snowshoes.

Group Teambuilding (4th grade and older)
Do you need to learn to work better with your team? Using games and group problem solving exercises, we will help you become a well-oiled machine. Use trust, cooperation and communication in this game-filled program.

Cultural History Topics

Pioneer Life
Join the thousands of people moving west in the early 1800s. Students will learn about Minnesota’s Pioneer periods through, games, chores, and a journey of their own.

Prehistoric Skills
Cast technology aside, way aside, and learn how people lived in the stone age. Learn how to throw an atlatl, start a fire and play ancient games.

Voyageur Life
Do you have what it takes to become a voyageur? Join the brigade and find out! Students will learn about Minnesota’s fur trade era through the eyes the voyageurs. They will learn about voyageur life, how to dress, paddle, barter and trade furs, and to play like a voyageur.

Onsite Program Pricing & Fees (at SNC)

60-minute program: $5 per person
 90-minute program: $7 per person
 Half Day Programs (2 classes in succession): $11 per person

Offsite Program Pricing & Fees (at your location)

Large Format Presentation with a max of 90 people: $200 (60-minute program)
 Large Format with Live Animal: $225 (60-minute program)
 Traveling EE Program (classroom style): onsite pricing and travel fee

Travel Fees

Within Fridley or within five miles of SNC: $50
 Outside of Fridley or more than five miles from SNC: $100