Youth Programs

We have regular and seasonal programming that are designed for kids! Join us for our Nature Camps each summer, Breakfast Nature Santa in the winter and more! 

Looking for more programming? Check out our All Ages programs page

  1. Dear Naturalist
  2. Polliwogs - Home Edition
  4. Get Curious (Get It Thru 8/20)
  5. Playful Polliwogs
  6. Summer Camps
  7. Nature Buddies ECFE
  9. Brunch with Nature Santa

Dear Naturalist

Nature is a place of wonder and mystery! Wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone who could help you solve those mysteries? Naturalists’ favorite tasks is to help children navigate nature mysteries. While we can’t solve all of them, we can sure try! We will answer every single question but every Thursday we will answer one by live video. 

Send us your Questions!!

There are two ways to send your questions.  

1.  You can write a letter (make sure you include an email address we can send our response to).  Mail it to : Springbrook Nature Center 100 85th Ave NW  Fridley, MN 55432

2.  Submit your question online by clicking the link below.

Online Question Submission