Finding Your Fun in Fridley

Scenic view in Farr Lake Park

We want to know more about how and where you find your fun in Fridley parks, trails and other outdoor spaces. The city is taking a closer look at our parks and trails system to make sure they meet the needs of all residents. 

We want to hear what you like, don’t like, and would like to see in our outdoor recreation areas. Your feedback will be used to help guide our programming, amenity information and future development.

Submit your feedback and ideas

To learn more about your experience with outdoor recreation areas in Fridley, we are asking for your feedback through an optional survey and an interactive map. The survey covers questions that will help us plan different types of activities based on how you currently utilize the parks and trails, interests, needs and more. The map allows you to drop markers at specific points in Fridley to tell us your ideas, concerns and comments. 

You can fill out the survey and the proceed to the interactive map, or select the "X" in the right-hand corner to go straight to the map. 

If you would like to view a demonstration of how to submit feedback, watch our demo video