Flood Preparation 2023

Due to the heavy snowfall we've had this winter and recent melting, there is an increased risk of flooding along rivers and streams in Minnesota this spring.  

Being prepared for a flood can not only help keep your family safe, it can also help minimize potential flood damage and accelerate recovery efforts. Along with flood insurance, you can also protect yourself by safeguarding your home and possessions, developing a family emergency plan, and understanding your policy.

While the City of Fridley, Anoka County, and the State of Minnesota are making preparations to prevent flood damage, we can not guarantee that available resources will be sufficient to protect all flood-prone property in Fridley. Also, since the use of city resources will be prioritized to protect city infrastructure, we encourage all property owners in potential flood areas to make plans needed to protect your homes, businesses and personal property in the event of flooding. These steps may include moving valuable items and documents to safe locations, and obtaining sand bags, plastic sheeting, pumps and sand. The city may be able to provide some supplies, however, we cannot guarantee to have resources to address all flooding problems.

Flood insurance

We also suggest that you consider obtaining flood insurance if you don’t already have it. The time to act is now, as there is typically a 30-day waiting period for policies to take effect. According to the most recent National Weather Service modeling, river cresting in our area is projected to occur mid to late April. You can monitor projections that are available from the National Weather Service

Make a plan

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety advises that Minnesotans who live in flood-prone areas should make a family plan and assemble an emergency kit before the waters rise. Please give some thought to personal steps you may want to take in the event we do experience flooding in Fridley. These include reviewing insurance policies, preparing an inventory of items you have in your home, etc. 

Good sources of flood preparation information include:


The current forecasts have favorable conditions to reduce the likelihood of local flooding, but city staff are still taking the necessary cautions to prepare. Should you want to add protection to your property through the use of sandbags, please contact Public Works at 763-572-3566 so you can receive instructions. Sandbags are free for residents (up to 100) and $1 each if you need more than 100. Please download and complete the form listed below. Return the form prior to or when you come for sandbags.

Download the form

If you have any questions, please contact Public Works at 763-572-3566.

City Council Presentation

At the April 10th City Council Meeting, Public Works presented the flood plan for the City. You can view the presentation here.