Rental Property Management

Update: Fridley's Crime Free Rental Housing course scheduled for November 7 is full.

Classes hosted at other agencies are listed on the Minnesota Crime Prevention Association website.

Special Notice: Auto notification is now online. If you have registered your email address with the City, you will now receive emails whenever there is an incident at one of your properties. There will be more information on this system at the next meeting.

Rental Manager's Hotline:

City of Fridley has established one telephone and email point of contact for any and all property questions. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Phone: 763-572-3616


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BCA Background Check Resources:

Department of Motor Vehicles:

MN Attorney Generals Office:

City Apartment Recycling Rules:

Recycling is required for all apartments in Fridley apartments of 12 units or less are serviced through the City’s contract with Republic Services, and apartments of 13 units or more choose from the licensed haulers. All garbage service in the metro area is taxed at 9.75%, while there is no tax on recycling. Apartment managers can save a lot of money by decreasing garbage collection and increasing recycling. The City can provide free educational resources, recycling bins for individual units, and garbage and recycling signs for dumpsters, carts and enclosures.

Bulky items can be a problem for apartments. The City of Fridley can help you with a bulky item recycling plan. We have also partnered with Green Lights Recycling to offer Fridley apartment managers discounted prices to dispose of bulky items like electronics, appliances, and mattresses. Sample prices include $20 to recycle a mattress and $20 to recycle small TVs. The City also offers 6 recycling drop-offs per year for residents in which bulky items can be dropped off at free or discounted rates. Information can be found at We can provide apartment managers coupons if they bring in a large load of items. We are here to help, please contact the City of Fridley at 763-572-3594 or email for assistance with recycling.


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