Green Events

From hosting friends and family to food prep, planning a party can take time and effort, but it doesn’t need to make much waste. Zero waste parties and are increasing in popularity; zero waste combines new and once old ways into your celebrations, with a goal of making little to no garbage, only recycling and organics for composting. Here are a few ways to incorporate zero-waste practices when planning a party:

dinner party
  1. Reduce Packaging—Could any single-serve items be purchased in bulk? Could food items be bought in reusable/recyclable packaging?
  2. Organics Collection--Curbside organics collection has begun in Fridley through Republic Services. If you participate in this program then you can put all food, paper napkins, paper towels, pizza boxes, and compostable plates and cups in the organics cart to be collected and made into compost. If you want to find out more about participating in this program, visit the website:
  3. Borrowed Dishes & Silverware --A party brings friends and family together and people are often happy to contribute to any celebration. One way to seek help and reduce waste is to borrow dishes, stemware, and silverware from others. Then have a bowl of warm soapy water to act as “wash station” for plates and flatware.
  4. Clear Instructions--Make sure your garbage, recycling, organics, and wash stations are convenient and have clear instructions. People are often unsure or hesitant about throwing things in the wrong bin, so if things are not labeled clearly, then they may just toss everything in the trash. See below for event recycling and composting containers to borrow for free.
  5. Natural Decoration--When decorating, consider using something that will be festive but will not need to be thrown in the garage. Natural, compostable decorations like flowers and greenery make an atmosphere celebratory without adding to the garbage.

Need recycling and organics containers for a crowd?

Use ours! Residents and local businesses can borrow event recycling and organics containers from the City of Fridley for no charge.

Reserve our free recycling and organics containers, signs, and bags to help reduce waste. Make sure the bins are conveniently located next to trash containers, near food and eating areas, entrances and exit points and other high pedestrian traffic areas.

cans and bottles

Reserve Containers

Ready to collect recycling and organics? The City has up to 7 recycling and 7 compostable containers, bags included, as pictured above, to lend out on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Contact  763-572-3594 or; to request containers at least 2 weeks before the event date. 
  • You will be asked to sign the Event Recycling & Organics Agreement when you pick up the containers.
  • Pick up the containers at the prearranged time at Fridley City Hall, 7071 University Avenue. Please plan to load and unload containers on your own. Pick up times are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • After your event, wipe down the containers and return them to Fridley City Hall.