Sex Offender Community Notification

Level 3 Sex Offender Notifications

Level 3 Sex Offender Charles Henry Brown is moving into the area of Meadowmoor Drive NE and Bacon Drive NE on or about July 10, 2017

The Fridley Police Department is releasing information regarding Charles Henry Brown, a Level 3 registrant subject to public notification, in accordance with Minnesota Statute 244.052*.

Mr. Brown will be moving to the vicinity of Meadowmoor Drive NE and Bacon Drive NE, as of July 10, 2017. This individual has served the sentence imposed on him by the court and is transitioning into the community.

Community Meeting: July 5, 2017 at Fridley City Hall, Council Chambers

You are invited to a Community Notification Meeting on July 5, 2017, at 6:30 p.m., at Fridley City Hall, Council Chambers: 6431 University Avenue NE. Representatives from the Department of Corrections and the Fridley Police Department will be available to provide you with useful information on public safety.

*Minnesota Statute 244.052 authorizes law enforcement agencies to inform the public of a sexual or predatory offender's release from prison or a secure treatment facility when the Fridley Police Department believes that the release of information will enhance public safety and protection.

This offender is not wanted by the police at this time and has served the sentence imposed on him by the court. This notification is not intended to increase fear in the community. Law enforcement believes that an informed public is a safer public. The Fridley Police Department may not direct where the offender does or does not reside, nor can we direct where he works or goes to school. The risk level of this offender has been determined largely on his potential to re-offend based on his previous behavior.

Personal Safety Tips

  • Talk to your family, especially children and vulnerable adults, about sexual violence.
  • Assure your children that they can talk with you about questions they have.
  • Open conversations about good touch verses bad touch, and what to do if a stranger approaches them or if someone they know acts inappropriately towards them.
  • Remind children of basic safety rules: Never talk to stranger; Don't accept rides from someone you don't know; Watch out for commons lures/tricks (adult asking for directions, requesting help to look for a lost pet, offering money, candy or toys).
  • Teach children to use the buddy-system.
  • Listen to your instincts. Tell children to listen to theirs.
  • Keep windows and doors locked, even when you are home.
  • If you live in a secure building, do not let people in that you don't know, even if it seems impolite.
  • Talk to your neighbors and report any suspicious activity in your neighborhood. 


Emergency or Police Dispatch: 9-1-1
Fridley Police Department: (763) 572-3629
Fridley's Crime Prevention Specialist: (763) 572-3626
Minnesota Department of Corrections
Minnesota State Legislature: Senate (651) 296-0504     House (651) 296-2146