Police and Fire Explorers

Core Values - Life Skills - Mentorship and Training - Competition

Our Vision

The goal of the Fridley Police and Fire Explorer programs are to help in the development of successful young adults who will be able to take the values and skills gained from the programs and use them in their future careers.

Our Mission

To introduce young adults to the field of law enforcement or fire service and instill core values such as honor, duty, sacrifice and valor. Explorers are taught a variety of skills and trained to handle various scenarios relating to law enforcement or fire service. 

Police Explorers 

Explorers train side-by-side with active Fridley Police Officers and compete in the above scenarios at a state competition! This is a great opportunity to gain invaluable skills, learn about law enforcement careers in a hands-on environment, and build experience that will benefit you in future job interviews and college applications. This program is designed for high school students who maintain at least a C grade average.


Explorers are trained to handle various scenarios related to law enforcement. Some of the senarios the explorers are trained in include:

  • Hostage Rescue Negotiations
  • Bomb Scene Search
  • Burglary Response
  • Search and Arrest
  • Domestic Crisis
  • and More!

Join the Fridley Police Explorer Program

If you're interested in joining the Police Explorer Program, email Officer Shawn Murphy at Shawn.Murphy@FridleyMN.gov or call at 763-238-7805.

Fire Explorers

Fire Explorers is designed for young people aged 14-20 who have an interest in pursuing or learning more about the fire service. We value compassion, respect, accountability and, above all, passion. 


Explorers will have many great opportunities including the following:

  • Fire extinguishment, forcible entry, search and rescue, and EMS training
  • Participate in ride-alongs with our Duty Crew
  • Compete in skills competitions
  • Community events
  • Making friends and connections
  • Much more!

Join the Fridley Fire Explorer Program

If you're interested in joining the Fire Explorer Program, email Nick Anderson at Nick.Anderson@FridleyMN.gov