Filing for Office

The City of Fridley will have two offices on the ballot in 2024: Mayor and Councilmember-at-Large. Terms for these offices begin in January 2025 and are valid through December 2029.


Information for those who wish to file for a City office may be found in the City's Candidate Filing Packet (PDF). 


A list of candidates who have filed for City offices may be found on the Minnesota Secretary of State's website. On the page scroll down to Search by Office, select City, Anoka County, and City of Fridley. The names of candidates on this page have submitted all of the forms and filing fee required by State law and the City's Charter. 

Campaign Signs

Campaign signs are an important part of the campaign process. Placement of campaign signs is regulated by state, county and City laws and ordinances. This information will assist candidates and supporters to correctly place campaign signs within the City. Signs that pose a safety hazard or are placed in violation of laws and rules may be removed without notice. 

Other Resources