Water Rebate Program

Receive a rebate of $100-$150 on your utility bill for switching to a water efficient appliance or irrigation system. 

For a limited time, Fridley residents and businesses can qualify for rebates of up to 75 percent off the cost of water efficient appliances and irrigation system components. Rebates are available on a first come, first serve basis.

This program is provided by funding through the Clean Water, Land & Legacy Amendment.

Rebate Amounts

Fridley residents and businesses can receive rebates for the following water-saving devices:

Clean Water Land and Legacy.png
Item Specifications Rebate Amount* Est. Water Savings
Washing machine** Energy Star-labeled $150 2,000 gallons per year
Dishwasher** Energy Star-labeled $150 4,000 gallons per year
Toilet** WaterSense-labeled $100 13,000 gallons per year
Irrigation system controller WaterSense-labeled $150*** 7,600 gallons per year
Irrigation system audit Conducted by WaterSense-
Certified Irrigation Professional
$150*** Dependent on findings
Spray sprinkler body WaterSense-labeled $5 per sprinkler head  
Rainbarrel N/A $50  

*Rebate amounts capped at listed amount or 75 percent of purchase price, whichever is less.
** City of Fridley plumbing permit required
***Additional funding may be available for commercial/institutional properties, please contact us with your quote

Apply for Your Rebate

Complete the attached forms and e-mail them to Annie Olson or drop them off at City Hall (7071 University Avenue) along with a copy of your receipt. For irrigation audits, a copy of the audit must also be provided. For rainbarrels, a photo of the installed rainbarrel must also be provided. Your rebate will be applied to your utility bill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the FAQ below or call 763-572-3554 with additional questions.

Why should I participate?

Funding for this rebate program is provided by the Metropolitan Council’s Water Efficiency Grant program to encourage water savings in Fridley. All of the City’s water comes from groundwater sources which takes many, many years to recharge, so it’s important that we conserve our water. Learn more about our groundwater connection in a five-minute video. 

Pumping water from the ground also uses considerable energy, which costs money and contributes to greenhouse gases. Many homes in Fridley have older appliances, so switching to newer, more efficient appliances will save you and the City money and help conserve resources. 

Who qualifies for the rebate?

All property owners in the City of Fridley qualify. Renters are encouraged to work with the property owner to participate. Rebates for toilets and washing machines can only be used for replacement items, not new construction. The product must have been purchased after July 1, 2022 to qualify.

What can the rebate cover?

The rebate can cover the cost of items meeting the specifications shown in the table above as well as professional installation costs. The rebate cannot be used toward toward the costs of homeowner labor or any necessary permits.

What does Energy Star or WaterSense-labeled mean?

The EPA certifies products that meet specific energy and water conservation criteria as Energy Star and WaterSense certified. Consumers can purchase these items knowing that they have been verified to use less resources over time. You can find a full list of certified Energy Star or WaterSense labeled products online- or most retailers allow you to filter results for only certified products. If shopping in person, look for the WaterSense and Energy Star labels: 

Energy efficient labels for WaterSense and Energy Star

I accidentally purchased a non-Energy Star or WaterSense product, can I still get a rebate?

Unfortunately, the intent of this program is to reduce water and energy use, so only certified products are eligible. 

Why should I update my irrigation system?

Irrigation systems can use a lot of water, especially if they aren’t properly calibrated. A smart irrigation controller automatically adjusts watering frequency and amounts based on weather and site conditions, which keeps your yard from getting over-watered. Smart irrigation controllers are especially important for yards with slopes or patches of shade. 

If every home in the US with an automatic irrigation system used a smart irrigation controller, we could save 100 billions gallons of water per year (equal to the household water needs of 1.2 million Americans). View the Irrigation Controllers flyer (PDF)

How do I find a Certified Irrigation Professional?

You can find a list of certified irrigation professionals on the United States Environmental Protection Agency website

I am interested in doing a project next year, can I reserve the rebate in advance?

Rebates are on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, if you are a commercial or institutional property planning a large project, please email us

How will I get my rebate?

Your rebate will be applied as a credit to your utility bill. Depending on when you submit your receipts, it may take a full billing cycle for your rebate to process. If your rebate amount exceeds your bill amount, any remaining rebate would be applied to the following utility bill.

What other rebate programs does the City offer?

The City of Fridley offers discounts on the Home Energy Squad program as well as a competitive loan program. Lean more online.

Where can I learn more about Fridley’s water supply?

We post all of our annual water quality reports online. We are proud that Fridley’s drinking water continually meets all safety standards. 

I have other questions, who should I contact?

For questions about the water rebate program, please contact Annie Olson or call 763-572-3554.