Stations & Equipment

Fridley Fire provides fire suppression, emergency medical, hazardous materials response, fire prevention and inspection, and community education and outreach.

Average Response Time:
4-5 minutes for medical emergencies and 5-7 minutes for fires.

We service over 2,500 calls per year, approximately 1,600 of those are medical.
Station 1: 6431 University Ave NE
Station1 web
Station 1 is our main station and is staffed 24 hours/day by firefighters. It has 5 truck bays, offices and meeting rooms. Engine 1 and our 100-foot platform aerial are housed at this station.

Station 2:
6381 Central Ave 
Station2 web
Station3 web

Station 3: 
110 77th Avenue NE
Stations 2 and 3 are our "neighborhood" or satellite fire stations. Each has two truck bays and dormitory/living quarters.
Equipment Roster:
  • 3 fire engines
  • a 100-foot platform aerial fire truck
  • Zodiac rescue boat
  • 1 medium duty rescue truck
  • 4 light duty rescue trucks
  • an extended cab pickup
  • hazardous materials response trailers
  • staff car