Fridley Waters

Everything you need to know about our WATER!

Is our drinking water safe? Yes!
We are proud of our commitment to safe drinking water. It is our responsibility to supply every home and business in the city with good, safe drinking water. The water is regularly tested by a professional lab to ensure quality. The water division is responsible for maintaining the operation of 13 wells, TCAAP line, 4 reservoirs and 3 filter plants.
We have the latest technology to control both the water and sewer systems. They are monitored by a master computer which alerts us quickly to any problems that arise and allows us to act promptly.

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Past reports can be found in our online archives.

Stormwater: Protecting Our Waters
You Can Help!

Be a champion for clean water and set an example for your neighborhood. One easy way to help with stormwater pollution is sweeping in the street near your local stormdrain. Cleaning out debris, sediment and leaves after storms or at the end of a season keeps it out of stormdrains. Water in stormdrains, in the main, goes directly into water bodies like Moore Lakes, Locke Lake and the Mississippi River.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention
The City of Fridley’s stormwater system is a small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permitted through the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. A Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) outlines the activities that the City undertakes as part of this permit. These activities are intended to promote maintenance of water quality to the waters that the City of Fridley’s stormwater system discharges to.

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