City of Fridley Emerald Ash Borer Mitigation Plan

At the February 12th City Council Meeting, a presentation was made proposing an Emerald Ash Borer Mitigation Plan. City Council approved the plan. The goal of the plan is to prevent the spread and mitigate the damage of the insect Emerald Ash Borer on ash tress on public lands and rights-of-way in the City of Fridley. More information is in this attached document found here.  

City of Fridley EAB Pilot Project

​If you have received a notice regarding boulevard ash trees designated for removal, you can find additional resources about Emerald Ash Borer and the tree replacements here:

​Calculator to estimate costs of treatment of your ash trees
​Urban Alliance Page

​Find out more about Emerald Ash Borer and it's effects

Attack of the Emerald Ash Borer - it is likely already here

The Emerald Ash Borer is an insect that attacks and kills ash trees (and only ash trees).

Like many cities, green ash trees (Fraxinus pennsylvanica) make up too much of Fridley's urban forest. Approximately 30% of the trees on city streets and in parks are green ash. This statistic is particularly troubling because of the emerald ash borer (EAB), a destructive insect that has been decimating Minnesota ash trees since it was first found in St. Paul in 2009. Since then, EAB has continued to spread throughout the state and has been found as close as Coon Rapids and Blaine. Due to its flight ability, the emerald ash borer is likely already in Fridley.

Adult EAB are small, iridescent green beetles that live outside of trees during the summer months. The larvae are grubs (or worm-like) and live underneath the bark of ash trees. Trees are killed by the tunneling of the larvae under the tree's bark which interrupts the flow of water up the tree and food make from leaves down the tree.

If you think a tree on your property is infected...

Do you know of a city-owned tree (in a park, boulevard or right-of-way) that might be infected?
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